High Speed Internet in San Jose: A Necessity for Businesses to Thrive

It’s no secret, the success of any online venture relies heavily on its high speed internet. Especially in a city like San Jose, said to be the capital of the world famous Silicon Valley. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the internet culture has substantially overtaken a number of traditional human interactions and transactions. At this stage, it is almost safe to assume that without the World Wide Web, the world would crash to a standstill, quite literally.

All successful business ventures today rely on the Internet for majority of their dealings as well as promotions. While there may be hordes of internet service providers (ISPs) in San Jose, not all of them can afford to deliver what your business really needs—high-speed Internet.


Moving To San Jose? Incredibly High Speed Internet Service Is a Must

So you’ve decided to brave the odds and move to San Jose, whether it’s to raise your family, take on a new job or even start up your own company. One of the things you will definitely need, whether for business or pleasure, is fast and reliable internet connection. After all, San Jose is home to world famous cyber-hub Silicon Valley, and it simply won’t do for you to browse the Internet at a snail’s pace.

It’s not just about avoiding slow browsing though. High-speed internet will help enhance your multi-tasking efforts like bill payments, banking transactions and live streaming all at once. It will also save you plenty of time simply because you won’t have to wait so long just for a single page to load.

How Fast Should The Connection From Your ISP Be For Online Gaming?

Online gaming is an extremely demanding activity for any internet connection out there, right next to video streaming. Gameplay is heavily affected by every single hiccup on the connection between your console/PC and the server. This wouldn’t be a problem for more casual games, but since online gaming nowadays is often fast-paced and hardware-intensive, a troubled connection can seriously dampen your gaming sessions.

Whenever gamers search for local internet providers around the San Jose area and elsewhere, it’s not unusual for them to take time evaluating their options. A general rule of thumb dictates that a typical online gamer should get any connection except dial-up. The ideal connection should also have low latency (this will be explained later) of about 100 m/s or less, sport speeds of 1 Mbps or higher and must be offered in data plans of at least 1GB.

High-Speed Internet Providers Can Give a Home’s Resale Value a Boost

When young couple Kara Burke and Tom Cairns went house-hunting, they thought they had found their ideal abode: an aged but up-to-date three-bedroom home in Worthington, Massachusetts. While the house did seem to have what any home buyer would want, however, it lacked one significant amenity that prevented them from making a deal: high-speed Internet. As Burke explained, a speedy broadband connection is right up there with electricity.

It’s not surprising for the aforementioned young couple to think that way, considering that the worldwide Web is now central to the way most Americans work and live. Students in homes without access may easily find themselves lagging in school assignments, and studies have shown that towns with limited to no web access typically find themselves falling behind economically. Today, that trend has grown to heavily influence buyer decisions on real estate as well.

How High Speed Internet in San Jose Can Influence Your Bottom Line

Have you ever taken longer than fifteen minutes to download a movie? Aside from being frustrating, such a long wait can affect your chores, especially if you’re in a hurry. It’s even frustrating to know that downloading a movie in cities like Tokyo, Zurich and Paris can take a mere seven minutes. If slow internet can affect you that much, just imagine how it can affect businesses in San Jose, CA.

Internet Providers in San Jose: Better Connection, Better Healthcare

“Whenever the term “Internet connection” is mentioned in the conversation, healthcare is one of the last mental images that come up. Despite that, advances in technology have now made high-speed Internet an important requirement in many healthcare facilities in San Jose and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act was to encourage the use of electronic medical records among doctors and healthcare facilities. This provision was meant to help connect medical professionals with one another, helping improve the level of care they are able to provide patients. This is especially true for patients who move to different states, or switch doctors.”

Choose the Right Internet Providers for a More Successful Business

According to the latest research by Akamai Technologies, the United States came in 17th when it comes to the countries with the top average broadband connection speed. Although more than a handful of countries were ranked ahead of the U.S., researchers do admit that the average connection speed of the country was watered down due to slower speeds in rural areas.

This news shouldn’t worry business owners in areas such as San Jose, San Francisco, and other large cities. Working with the right Internet service provider, a.k.a. ISP, can lead to much faster connection speeds, which, subsequently, lead to a variety of business advantages. Some of these advantages include.