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How Fast Should The Connection From Your ISP Be For Online Gaming?

Online gaming is an extremely demanding activity for any internet connection out there, right next to video streaming. Gameplay is heavily affected by every single hiccup on the connection between your console/PC and the server. This wouldn’t be a problem for more casual games, but since online gaming nowadays is often fast-paced and hardware-intensive, a troubled connection can seriously dampen your gaming sessions.

Whenever gamers search for local internet providers around the San Jose area and elsewhere, it’s not unusual for them to take time evaluating their options. A general rule of thumb dictates that a typical online gamer should get any connection except dial-up. The ideal connection should also have low latency (this will be explained later) of about 100 m/s or less, sport speeds of 1 Mbps or higher and must be offered in data plans of at least 1GB.