Different Connection Types for High Speed Internet in San Francisco

“With the city being a technological, financial, cultural, and educational hub, it is important that residents and businesses in the City by the Bay make use of high speed Internet in San Francisco. They need a fast and stable Internet connection, whether at home or the office, to easily go about their daily work.

They can take advantage of a variety of connections. The most common type found in homes is of the broadband variety. Using DSL, cable, or fiber optic connections, broadband Internet typically offers very fast upload and download speeds and allows users more flexibility when surfing the web.

However, in remote areas, connecting to the Internet via broadband is probably next to impossible. As such, people that reside in these areas make use of wireless connections, such as satellite connections. These use satellites to bounce Internet signals and information to and from a computer and a server. However, as data from satellite dishes travels great distances, satellite co

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